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About Me

   As a kid, my mother worked at the National Geographic printing press.   My brother and I, consumed by the magazine’s breathtaking imagery and the stories that they conveyed, would tear through the pages attempting to recreate the pictures by hand.   

       My brother said our images were the same as theirs; we didn't have a shutter to press.  After studying psychology at Louisiana State University, I moved to New York, where I spent my days going to movie theaters and falling in love with the art of motion pictures.  

      In 2010, I attended UCLA’s Professional Program of Screenwriting.  During my time there, I not only honed my craft for screenwriting but also discovered photography.  Now that I have a camera in hand, I’m free to explore the magic of photography once again and embrace it with the childlike wonder of years ago.  

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Tel: 646-580-1566

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